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“MSNBC’s Nancy Snyderman attacked Catholic bishops on Thursday for opposing abortion funding in the health care bill, agreeing with the President of NOW that the IRS should investigate them. The “Dr. Nancy” host also complained, “This is going to be a Pollyannaish statement. The Catholic bishops appearing and having a political voice seems to be a most fundamental violation of church and state.

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Here we go again!!! Can some of you left leaning, bleeding heart liberals explain to me how this is in violation of the NON EXISTENT “church and state?” First off, our Constitution states in part “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;.”  It says nothing about a “separation of church and state”

Secondly, No where does it state that Catholic Bishops or any other religious person, regardless of standing in their particular religion, should have “no voice” in political matters.  What is says is that congress cannot make a law favoring one specific religion. (ie: taxing to support a particular church or making a particular belief system the state sponsored church.


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I recently read an article that states:gaymarriage_blogistan

“Government should get out of the marriage business. If the government had nothing to do with marriage, we could drop all the divisive issues about gay marriage, and just let people marry in whichever churches or other institutions will marry them.”

On the flip side, there are those who defend traditional marriage because of their religious beliefs.  They argue that gay marriage activists are attacking their religious beliefs and, as reported by Chuck Colson back in May, gay activists, are attacking from all angles. Here is what he said: … (more…)

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churchstate In a recent ‘Letter to the Editor’ in the Washington Post the writer states that after seven years, he was able to convince his supervisors at the Dept. of Vet. Affairs that the annual “Christmas Party” should be a “Holiday Party.”


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On Sept. 11, 2006 I had a massive heart attack. I lived through it but the doctor gave me only 4-5 years if I was lucky.  At the time, because I was not employed, I had no health insurance.  Fortunately, when I told the doctor (whom I had never met prior to the heart attack) that I could not come in for a follow-up visit because I couldn’t afford it, he waived his fee. Thank goodness.  He treated me for six months free of charge.  Then… (more…)

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